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    TenkoFX broker

    I want to try trading by this broker and I've opened a demo account long ago, but the company is new for me so I'd like to know more about it before I start trading properly. I'll be glad to hear any feedbacks from the real clients.

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    I'm trading on a demo. I've tried to trade mostly on news. The platform seems to have no bugs and doesn't hang up during the release of important news. I haven't noticed any requotes as well. It seems to be quite an adequate broker at first glance.

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    I haven't traded on news, but I've checked almost every cryptoasset. I'd agree with the fact that the platform works fine. I haven't noticed any problems with the execution either. Therefore, I've decided not to wait until some real client write off in this thread and opened a small real account. Everything seems to be fine at first glance.

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    If I were you, I would try withdrawing some money one more time and checking how things are with funds withdrawal at this broker's. If everything is good, then I'll consider opening a real account too. And for now I'll continue to trade on the demo.

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    I've traded with crypt on TenkoFX. The XPR/USD pair slumped. Its breakthrough was 0.6270. I made good money on it. Analysts say that the rise can begin only after 0.5500. Well, we'll see. Ripple is actually in demand. I don't know what the fall is about.

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    I traded with crypt with TenkoFX too, only on a demo account. I traded with btc/usd and eth/usd. They were rising and I traded the right way. I don't hurry to switch to the real account. I'm waiting for someone from my friends to withdraw profit from the real account. I once got caught, ran into a scammer. Now I check 10 times before investing my own money.

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    You and I aren't personally acquainted and you can't trust me, but I've done funds withdrawal several times already and there have been no problems with it. I started trading crypt here, because I don't trust exchanges. There were several scandals about them being hacked, because so many currencies are vulnerable. I read that more than 225 tokens of ERC20 standard were found to be vulnerable. It's calmer here for the first time, and then the market will cease and I will continue to trade on the crypto-exchange

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    I agree. I tried to register on some crypto-exchanges. The sign-up is stopped on some of them, and you have to wait for half a year for an answer on others. I test TenkoFX on a demo account. I plan to invest in a real one, especially when the minimum deposit for a crypto-account is $10.

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    Yes, that's true. The customers’ influx is great on crypto-exchanges. States are trying to regulate this kind of trade, and customers are massively beginning to discard documents for verification. Security services simply don't have that much time to check such amount.

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    Yes, I agree. I've tried to clear things out with support but they ignored me. I understood that it's only possible to sign up on exchanges of the second echelon now, and I think there's so much incomprehensible and unsafe stuff there.

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    I passed the verification in two days on TenkoFX. It went so smoothly and quickly that I don't remember exactly.

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