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    mono intake sungei gedong for 2 whole years no stories... but thank god i didn't end up in tekong after reading all the stories so far.
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    all i'm just saying is that in my 2 whole years in sungei gedong, i never encountered any supernatural stuff, and i'm thankful for not being posted to tekong for bmt.
    eh. wtf???
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    eh. wtf???
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    why wtf?
    loss for words about your posts...
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    Gryphon Company 2004 intake

    When i was in Gryphon Company (2004) intake... i experienced afew ghostly encounter when i was there..

    The first was when someone spotted a "white" figure in the jungle across that "tekong" highway.. and he went berserk.. those around him also claim that they saw the "white" figure in the jungle..

    The second time was when my section.. after doing our nite "own time own target" training, we went to the level 1 chin-up bar to do chin-ups.. and there was this sweet smelling scent..

    The third time i had a ghostly encounter was when my buddy woke me up to go to the toilet.. I followed bhind him and waited outside of the toilet while he go and do his business.. When walking back to the room (section 1 room).. i realized that there were footsteps behind me.. My six sense was telling me that something is not right.. I hurried back to my bed and i put back my headphone.. but my FM radio had no reception and though i was on 98.7fm.. there was a malay sound playing from the fm radio.. The next day, my buddy from section 2 told me that though he saw me and junhao walking back to the room.. he couldnt figure out the third person bhind us...

    suay2.. after pop.. i kena posted to SAF ward at alexandra hospital.. wah that hospital more haunted than tekong.. kns

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    I hear same story from a Malaysia friend when they doing Malaysia NS same situation like what Mcky describe. Even the instructor there advice the NS Malaysia men if they have they own amulet or protection must wearer it even during sleep and when at mid night don't roaming around. Got 1 night he see white figure standing next to his friend bed which located opposite to his bed.

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    I served my NS in 4 SIR at Lim Chu Kang camp but nothing happened to me.

    No more ghost story?.....

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    Served and ORD around 2002. BMT at Tekong was normal, after that got posted to be Ammo Storeman at Kranji Ammo dump which was at the inner outskirts of Kranji Camp. The ammo dump was 50 hectares big( surrounded by forest and the sea facing johor straits) which accordingly to OC at that time was same size as Jurong Bird Park.

    The ammo dump was huge but manned by a company of less than 100. Hence it was normal to have 8 or more guard duties per mth. It was during 1 of these guard duties that I would encounter something spooky.

    Being a huge area, the place was split into left and right side. the left would be patrolled by 2 prowlers and the right would be by a prowler from the K9 unit with his dog. One night i and my buddy were midway into prowling into the left side when suddenly we heard a female voice humming a melodius tune. no lyrics, just humming. My buddy and I were literally stunned. I readied my truncheon and shield ( i wasn't carrying rifle cos had excuse, lol) and my buddy cocked his live rounds in his rifle. In my mind i was like " should he shoot, can the bullet kill or simply pass thru the ghost?) Bear in mind, this is in the middle of a forested area in the innards of Kranji camp. Where got female human so on go around humming a tune? The volume was quite loud somemore. Definitely in the vicinity of 10 to 20 meters.

    We decided to radio the guard room.
    Me : Prowler to guard room, we heard someone humming a tune, sounds like female.
    Guard Commander: GC to prowlers, don't play punk, this is not a funny joke
    Suddenly the dog prowler chimed in on the radio too
    Dog Prowler: Dog Prowler to guard room, I HEARD IT TOO.

    There was silence for at least 10 secs. The realisation that the humming can be heard within the 50 hectare big ammo dump just took sometime to process.

    Guard Commander: Ok, we'll send the car (GP car) in.

    Mind you, during this whole time, the humming was still going on! My buddy and i remained alert. Once we could see the headlights of the GP car, the humming stopped! Of course when the GC reached us and disembarked , he couldn't hear anything. He also didn't tekan us cos he saw our faces. Plus the fact the dog prowler also verified. ( Dog prowler from external unit, hence not much chance of us being gd friends and play punk on GC also)

    But end up lanlan, still have to continue prowling, lucky nothing happened after that. After that I bought a rather powerful bicycle torch and would mount it on my shoulder everytime i prowl with 2 sets of rechargeable batts. I would always religiously charge my batts before and after my prowling details.

    Funny thing is after that, DOS and DO no need to spot check me whenever I was prowling. Cos they only need to look in from far and can see my torch light indicating my location. lol
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    This sounds familiar..then again, that place is dirty

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    LOL.... you guys not tired ah going thru training in the day? still can imagine such things at night. FYI, my grandparents used to stay in Tekong island and at times when i was younger i used to stay there for a month or 2 at a stretch and never came across any funky things there (in the 80s). I was enlisted and spent my ptp/bmt in tekong in 1995 and again... no funky stuff,no ghost, no shadow, no white flying figure, i even pass by the old camp 1 charlie coy... the famous 3 door... heard abt it? nothing... seriously.
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    The white female ghost is the standard white out ppl see when they are physically exhausted or mentally strained.

    army does that to u. sorry but you are more likely to meet a fellow bro that committed suicide than u are to meet a native inhabitant.

    you know how messy it is when u guys jump? extremely. and who cleans that shit up?

    do avoid fungus growing areas. not so much now as it can give you wonderful issues both mentally and physically.

    and for whistling/humming. its normal wind noises for that region. happens occasionally. you are more likely to see happy red eyes and a hungry unhappy pig than to hear that.

    oh nea sends hunters to control the piggie population. so the screaming torture sounds u hear at night are the pigs in traps.
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