Following months of rumors and leaks, the latest addition to BlackBerry’s smartphone lineup, the BlackBerry Z30, has been officially announced.

The Z30 has a 5-inch Super AMOLED display, the largest BlackBerry has ever put on a smartphone, and it is also the fastest, thanks to a 1.7GHz processor with quad-core graphics (likely the Snapdragon S4 Pro with two processor cores disabled and the Adreno 320 GPU). Even the battery is bigger than any previous BlackBerry device – it’s a 2,880mAh unit that will reportedly last up to 25 hours between charges.
The BlackBerry Z30 will also debut version 10.2 of BlackBerry 10, offering a number of improvements. The new Priority Hub feature learns users’ habits to better organize social and other messages, while incoming messages will now pop up over any app you may be using, allowing you to reply without leaving what you’re currently doing. These features aren’t exclusive to the Z30, as they’ll be headed to current BB10 devices via a software update.
BlackBerry is also touting a better audio experience on the BlackBerry Z30 – the phone has stereo speakers with “BlackBerry Natural Sound,” which are supposed to improve voice and video call quality over BBM. A new antenna is along for the ride as well, promising faster data speeds and fewer dropped calls, though whether that happens in practice is something we’ll only find out once the device launches in the market.

Speaking of a launch, the BlackBerry Z30 will be available in the UK and Middle East next week, though other regions will have to wait till the holidays. How much demand will the new BlackBerry muster? It’s hard to say, but judging by how current devices like the Z10 and Q10 have seen lukewarm consumer interest, I’m not sure the Z30 will do much to rekindle interest in BlackBerry’s once popular mobile platform.
Any of you planning on getting the BlackBerry Z30?
Source: BlackBerry

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