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    Post Some DX11 screenshots

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    very nice still pics..what hw will be required to run them at 30+ fps? a cluster of 4 Larrabee GPUs?

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    Actually, most of those pictures look like they can be done under DX10 with clever shader code. Some might even be possible with DX9.

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    looks like real sia! imagine next gen h-games ...

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    I want moving pictures

    Else, all it takes is a good artist.

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    holy crap.
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    damm so fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by psolord View Post
    No way dude! These pics are unreal! Especially number 4!
    precisely. I find 4 is the worse one. the grass and the patch of creepers on the wall scream of flat textures.

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    I duno if its good ideal to jump DX11 soo soon even today most powerful GFX get very slow FPS in crysis and 3DMark Vantage at max settings

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    I don't see the images. Broken links?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatfool View Post
    precisely. I find 4 is the worse one. the grass and the patch of creepers on the wall scream of flat textures.
    Actually i meant that i like them very much!

    The images are low res so we can't really judge the textures, but there seems to be potential!

    The grass could be shader generated!

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    pic 2 looks like sims or some ugly house planner

    water is most impressive

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    pic 1 is crazy.

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    Pic 1 looks like some highly advanced shaders, possibly cryengine 3 (which is due out within the timeframe 2011 probably).
    pic 2 is meh, looks like some static light maps...
    pic 3 is also probably pre-rendered static light maps, but they want you to believe it is radiosity rendering (that takes at least a few hours to render on a fast CPU).
    pic 4 crysis looks much better except for the raytraced windows.
    Overall these pics are as faked as those dx10 shots of flight sim x which we saw in 2006.

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