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    Post 12 games comparison : HD 4770 almost as fast as 4850

    Launch on April 28th

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    who did the graph ar?

    how come it shows that 4770 is 1/2 lor... 50% mark.

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    LOL.....the graphs % are wrong.......and there's no indication what the percentage means....

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    Quote Originally Posted by eventer View Post
    LOL.....the graphs % are wrong.......and there's no indication what the percentage means....
    crap... another useless benchmark

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    from what i can infer, % = price?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lamester View Post
    from what i can infer, % = price?
    I think the more appropriate answer is power consumption

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    Well it will be very close in 4850 performance, and most likely phase the 4850 out, as it will replace 4830.
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    time to save up for one...

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    i dont understand what the graph trying to show...why got 2 percentage values in the graph? Very funny lehz...use percentage not in detail one...dunno show comparing on what also.

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    Ok the graphs are pretty stupid, but anyone can extract what the numbers are saying. The 4770 reaches 98% of the performance of the 4850 and so on..! The problem is at what res? The 128 bit bus along with GDDR5 memory, could produce some tricky results form resolution to resolution. The 16 ROPS at different frequencies can also stir things a bit.

    Oh well, i guess April 28th will bring all the answers we need, but what i want to see the most, is the OCability of the new 40nm process.

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    That's a case of a poor graph.

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    I went to the chinese website last night.....

    and it seems they removed the review....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    that graph's fraked up.

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    I think they take performance of hd4850 as the maximum which is 100% and how the HD4770 perform comparing directly to the HD4850. Which means they are trying to show how close the performance of the HD4770 to HD4850. Alittle push will enable to exceed the 4850 reference...

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    Err what resolution again?

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