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    Post Radeon HD 5870 (RV870) card photo exposed

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    i'm pretty sceptic...

    only 1 DVI? would not make sense... but maybe some kind of prototype... would be interesting what the number on the fan is and what it stands for... maybe that would give a hint if it's fake or not...

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    They got this one wrong. It's fake.

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    It could have one DisplayPort and one DVI.

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    Longer than HD2900XT is long man... I will take this with a pinch of salt.

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    Probably prototype model, if its the real deal.

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    Supernewbie friend i think it would be better to start a new thread with these specs.

    It makes me worder why ATI would make such a huge jump in filtering and rendering power and only increase the shader cores by 50%!

    I really do hope that they will include something more that just plain AFR in their X2 cards, otherwise i will have second and third thoughts about getting an X2 this time. Not that i had many problems with my 4870X2, up until now, but i hate to wait driver updates to have my game scale!

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    if this is true

    DAMMIT getting ready for the kill...

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    Quick... launch the 5870 man!!


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    is ns really that hard???

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    Quote Originally Posted by supernewbie View Post
    Looks like the fake specs which have been floating around the web since the release of R700.

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    DisplayPort can't take off because they seem to think it's more relevant for people to have 2 DVIs (for either 2 displays or above 1920x1200 resolution-capable displays)... which sucks... and there aren't nearly enough displays with DP I/O... or DVI/Analog/DP converters that come with the videocards (are there any at all?)...

    Either way... looking forward to a HD 58xx with 2GB of VRAM at some point... or better still, a X2 or of the sort, especially with the slight buff in general speed as well.
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