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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyLeow
    A simple STFU is easy, why you wanna try me? You should know how i talk and you come with BS like that?

    Simple as it is, just be quiet. I don't need a punk to teach me how i communicate or give comments on how i communicate.

    Stay in your corner, i stay in mine. Pish?

    I didnt try you. Im just ans in a nice way. You should take note of how you talk, even tot u r this way. What goes around, comes around. Usually, people who call other punk is a punk himself, cos he knows the understanding and what is like to be a punk.

    Dun need you to comment STFU. I think this word "F" never leave u right?

    I rest my case. Mods should consider to delete both of our posts.
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    For your sake, i hope i never meet you.


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