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    Xecuter SX Pro for Switch Game Players

    Xecuter SX Pro

    Xecurter SX PRO product with Xecuter SX OS software license included, supports all Nintendo Switch and region console, including the latest v5.0.2. It is used to support Custom Firmware (CFW) on the Nintendo Switch, so users can finally play Switch games for free.

    Xecuter SX Pro Features
    *The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!
    *Includes: USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.
    *Compatible with all regions.
    *Compatible with all firmwares.
    *Real time game switching.
    *More features to be announced soon.
    *Weight: (50g)

    Xecuter SX Pro Contents
    1* USB dongle
    1* Tool
    1* OS software license

    How to use Xecuter Switch SX Pro?
    1.Stay your switch console power off. Connect the USB dongle to the Switch's USB type-C port and attach the jig to the Switch's right-hand side Joycon rail.
    2.Start the RCM mode by simultaneously pressing the power button + volume button
    3.SX logo is displayed, then SX menu is displayed
    4.Remove USB dongle and jig. Insert right Joycon to console
    5.Tap the option "boot custom fw" on the menu
    6.The switch is booted into CFW
    7.Switch games in real-time
    8.Activate games
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    Team Xecuter announced the name for their SX family: Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS on May 16, 2018.

    Two days later, they shared 12 FAQ for the modchip according to the feedback and questions as below:

    • Q: Can I update my Nintendo Switch to the latest firmware?
      Yes, you can. We are compatible with all firmwares and all regions!

    • Q: How are game ROMs launched? What format do they need to be in?
      Games ROMs available right now from release groups are compatible as-is.
      Copy the XCI files to the root of your Nintendo Switch microSD card so SX OS will be able to find them.

    • Q: How does the tool (jig) and dongle operate? Are they needed everytime you turn on the console?
      If you don't want to make any (software) modifications to your Switch Console, both the Tool (jig) and dongle are needed every boot.
      SX OS has an optional "AutoRCM" feature that can be installed to your Switch Console such that the jig tool is not needed anymore on boot.

    • Q: How does the AutoRCM feature work?
      The AutoRCM feature makes a tiny modification to your system's on-board storage via software, and from there on you will ONLY need the dongle (and won't have to press the volume key) when booting your console.
      Please note: With the AutoRCM feature installed, your Switch will only boot up with the SX Pro Dongle inserted or by any other USB-C launching method currently available. Once booted, you can always uninstall AutoRCM through SX OS.

    • Q: Is the license for life and updates included?
      Yes, it is! All updates are free and for the lifetime of your console.

    • Q: Is SX OS tied to my console/dongle?
      Yes. In case of SX Pro the license is tied to your dongle and console. In case of SX Lite the license is tied to your license code and console.

    • Q: Can we play eshop games?
      The current version of SX OS only allows to play cartridge based games. But we're working hard to bring game titles that originate from different distribution media to SX OS as well! It is on our list of features to add in upcoming updates.

    • Q: How will SX OS work?
      The SX OS boot file and licenses can soon be retrieved from our easy to use website that will launch shortly. Simply follow instructions and you will be set up in a few minutes.

    • Q: What do I need if I only buy SX OS?
      We strongly recommend buying SX Pro for the ease of use and safely streamlined procedure. That being said, SX OS standalone can be launched from Windows using TegraRcmGUI (TegraRcmSmash) or from NXLoader on android (with a USB-otg adapter).
      We offer support & warranty on your devices, please note any issues you face by errors/misuse of other methods will not be covered by our warranty.

    • Q: Will SX Pro work with Switch Linux?
      We will release a method of (chain)loading Linux using your SX Pro dongle soon.

    • Q: Do we need to use the L/R buttons on the Joy-Con to switch game ROMs?
      We are working on a more user-friendly menu that can be launched from the home menu.
      We already have a working menu prototype that is fully functional but we are still improving it for our audiences.

    • Q: Can SX products run homebrew software as well?
      The initial release of SX OS will not have support yet for running homebrew software for all firmware versions. Currently only the standard method for installing homebrew is supported, which means limited to the specific firmware version 3.0.0.
      We are in the final stages on adding support for running homebrew software regardless of firmware version and we expect to have this included with one of the first SX OS updates.

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    Then, on May 21, 2018 , Team Xecuter posted the second FAQ patiently, for details, please check here.

    Attention: Digimartz already accepts pre order for Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS
    Switch users could order it any time, the shipment wil be in Mid- June.

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    SX Pro is the easy-to-use dongle and tool for booting SX OS on your Nintendo Switch.
    SX OS is the revolutionary Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch. Advanced users can purchase this software separately. is SX Pro and SX OS official reseller.

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    SX Pro is available in stock for shipment.

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    For SX OS new version 1.6 download, please click here.
    For where to order SX OS, please find here.
    For SX Pro ordering, please check here.

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    SX OS v1.9 update:
    Before Nintendo releasing the much anticipated 6.0 firmware officially, TX did another SX OS update with some useful and exciting fixes and changes:
    Improves bulitin FTP server;
    Complete “V6.0 FW” support,
    Adds “Udates SX OS” feature.

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    Good news: or these who buy SX PRO together with 128GB SD Card in, we could offer popular switch games as you want. Please contact us via [email protected] for more!

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    SX DUMPER V1.0.1 RELEASED Digimartz official Blog | SX Dumper v1.0.1 Released Just after one day after SX Dumper v1.0.0 Announcement, this homebrew application can be used to dump your retail game cartridges to your microSD card or USB hard disk. Simply place the NRO file on your SD card and launch the application from the homebrew tab in the SX OS Menu, TX now released SX Dumper v1.0.1

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    Team Xecuter just released their SX Installer V1.1 on Jan 4, 2019, it includes not only lots of stability improvements, but also key new features like touch screen support and the never seen before ability for the user to be able to drag the list of games.Team Xecuter SX Installer V1.1 Released!

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    Most Nintendo Switch released after June 2018 can't be hacked, confirm here

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