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    SX GEAR, the Best OS Companion and perfect solution for SX OS owners who want an easy and safe way to boot up Team Xecuter firmware.

    What is SX Gear?

    SX Gear is the perfect solution for SX OS owners who want an easy and safe way to boot up Team Xecuter firmware.
    It can also be use to inject any other payload with a high quality tool kit.
    SX Gear combines dongle and jig, strong, sturdy, with its unique super-capacitors. Made to last and keep your Switch safe.

    Since Team Xecuter’ s last update for SX Gear on Aug 17, 2018. SX OS owners all waiting for the day SX Gear really releasing. SX GEAR is now shipping.

    Who will need SX Gear?
    1. Users who only ordered SX OS.
    SX OS users who couldn’t wait for SX Pro to start shipping but were quickly missing the convenience, ease of use and safety of the SX Pro Dongle and jig. SX Gear is fully compatible with SX OS. You can purchase a license separately, or use an existing SX OS license that you have and use the regular SX OS boot.dat file. You now own a SX Pro, in red color.

    2. Users who wants to use other (opensource) payloads.
    Also, many Switch owners asked for an official Team Xecuter product that will allow them to use other (opensource) payloads. Team Xecuter provides the best quality product and users know it is best to stick to the brand they trust to make sure they have a device they won’t have to replace after 50 boots. Or worse, one that would damage their precious Switch.
    SX Gear is Team Xecuter’s solution for the opensource community. To use it with your favorite payload, simply download the SX Gear boot.dat file. Place this boot.dat file in the root of your microSD card together with the payload.bin file of your choice and the payload will run as soon as you power on your switch!
    SX Gear users will need to copy the boot.dat file to their microSD card. Find the file here directly.
    Any third party payload can then be put on the microSD card as payload.bin to use it!
    Meanwhile, TX mentioned the upcoming SX OS v2.0. We will update in blog as well once released.
    For where to buy SX Gear, please find here.
    For SX Pro ordering, please check here.

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