What is Monthly Unlimited Bath For Dog and Cat?
Monthly unlimited bath allows you to bring your dog & cat to us for bath, conditioning, brush & dry for UNLIMITED TIMES per month. No block out sessions on festive seasons and weekends or whatsoever.

How it works?
By subscribing to unlimited bath for dog and cat like many of our customers did, you do not need to worry about not showering your dog or cat in the correct way anymore or going though a wrestling session just to get them cleaned up and brush out thoroughly anymore! Bonus Plus: Each bath & brush session includes FREE ear cleaning too!

My dog / cat has sensitive skin, is this suitable?
If your dog or cat has sensitive skin, the more you need to subscribe to unlimited bath for your dog and cat. Nothing is more important than keeping your pet clean, feeling refresh and comfortable. And all pet owners know how much patience & energy you will need to bathe your dog or cat on a regular basis, right? We make it easy for you and on your part, you can opt for medicated bath instead of normal bath & bath at no extra cost.

How much can i save with unlimited bath for dog and cat?
Firstly, you definitely save a lot of time & energy. Secondly, our regular prices for bath & brush are as follow:
Bath & Brush for dog and cat usual price per session:
Small dog … $20 Medium dog…$30 Large Dog…$35 Extra Large Dog…$40 Cat…$35

Ear cleaning for dog and cat usual price per session:
Small dog … $15 Medium dog…$17 Large Dog…$18 Extra Large Dog…$20 Cat…$18

So if you do the math, for example, you have a poodle which is consider small dog and you send your poodle for bath & brush 4 times a month, you have already save $90.05 per month!

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