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    [CLOSED] PowerGamers PC and Consoles Gaming Showcase @STGCC 2011!

    Hi Guys,

    To many who are already our fans in our FB, this is not a new info.

    But to the bros here @VR Forums who are gaming freaks, do come by and say hi or try any of our 3 demo setups @ STGCC 2011! Our booth location @F18.

    1. PC 3D Gaming!

    Have not tried 3D gaming yet?

    Come get some really cool Nvidia 3D Vision Gaming experience setup on our Acer GD 245HQ @1080P and Acer H5360 Projector @720P. We would be putting u in 3D version of Battlefield Bad Company 2/Vietnam. Tritton COD BO True 5.1 Surround headset would be also available/configured to let you get fully immersed into one of the best 3D technologies for surround gaming.

    2. Keyboard/Chuck/Mouse FPS Gaming on PS3!

    Dualshock controller too much for you?

    We would prepare our PS3 setup with Penguin United Eagle Eye converter and Bannco FRAGnStein. You can get involved in one of the coolest PS3 exclusive FPS game, KillZone3. Tritton COD BO True 5.1 Surround headset would be also available/configured to let you fully immersed in one of the best 3D technologies for surround sound gaming. We sold hundreds of EE units and FRAGnSteins here in Singapore for one very simple reason. These devices simply allows you to kill faster and better.

    3. Faster and Smarter in XBox360 FPS shooting!

    We would prepare our Xbox360 setup with the latest N-Control Avenger adapter and Bannco Xscorch. We decided to put COD BlackOps in a faster pace for this demo as you would be able to realise how fast you can go with "killing Spree" with the New N-Control Avenger. Try all new ways to use your xbox360 controller!

    Bannco Xscorch would also be available for those who preferred Chuck/Mouse shooting on Xbox360.

    We would also be preparing some limited qty of Exclusive PowerGamers STGCC 2011 Gaming Essential Packs @superpricing. Visit us early to avoid disappointment.

    Best Regards
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