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    Clear / Translucent Keycaps from signature plastics

    Hi guys,

    Checking around if there's interest for transparent / translucent keycaps from this manufacturer

    website here

    Pictures found on the internet from this manufacturer

    Clear Keycaps USD $1 Each

    Translucent Keycaps USD $1.25 Each

    Red ESC key USD $1.50 Each

    Shipping cost to Singapore will be USD $6.75 for up to 50 keys, cost of shipping will be split among the number of keys purchased, hopefully we can get 50 keys at least for the lowest shipping cost.

    Total cost will be (price of keycaps + your share of shipping to sg + local postage)

    Do let me know if you guys are interested to purchase anything else on the site

    Interest list:
    1. Espedine (9 keys)
    2. 9180 XXXX (5 keys)
    3. 9025 XXXX (5 keys)
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    Hi I am interested in 4 sets of WASD keycaps. Red, green, yellow and transparent/clear. Is the MO still ongoing ?

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