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    [WTMO] Slip Stopper: Slim and Unique iPhone Skin Case

    We all love our iPhone, but we don’t always love our iPhone cases. Here is the dilemma:

    On the one hand, we are tempted to put a big case over our iPhone for protection. But even the thinnest cases add bulk and disturb the natural flow and beauty of our phone.

    On the other hand, if we didn’t put a case on, the iPhone is just too darn slippery with its glass construction. The naked glass also shatters easily, which is no good.

    Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars to purchase an exquisitely designed iPhone, then immediately cover it up with an ugly and bulky case?

    Is your iPhone too slippery?

    Introducing the All New “Slip Stopper”, with its slim and unique iPhone skin case that adds grip without the bulk.

    The specially treated slim (1.5mm) gel resin skin is scratch resistant and shock absorption. Now you no longer worry about your iPhone gliding out of your hands or pockets, or your desk, table and the dashboard of your car.

    Slip StopperSo slim it is almost nude

    Available in Black, White, Purple, Sky Blue, Pink, Grey, Gold, Slate, Silver for iPhone 5/5S

    Available in Sky Blue, Lime Green, Pink, White, Yellow for iPhone 5c

    Available in Marble White and Midnight Black for iPhone 4/4s

    Available in Marble White and Midnight Black for iPad mini/mini 2

    iPhone 5/5S - Black, White, Purple, Sky Blue, Pink, Grey

    1st row: iPhone 5/5S – Gold, Slate, Silver
    2nd row: iPhone 5C – Sky Blue, Lime Green, Pink
    3rd row: iPhone 5C – White, Yellow, iPhone 4/4S – Midnight Black
    4th row: iPhone 4/4S – Marble White, iPad mini – Marble White, Midnight Black

    Get yours for only SGD$19 for any iPhone case


    Get yours for only SGD$29 for any iPad mini case

    Only limited stock will be available!

    Drop me a PM or Reply to this thread now to avoid disappointment!

    Stick your iPhone on the glass surface vertically!

    How Slip Stopper can be compatible with additional case?

    Smart Cover + Back of Slip Stopper

    Bumper Case + Slip Stopper

    Flip Cover + Front of Slip Stopper

    Normal Case + Front of Slip Stopper

    As seen on Macworld, Kickstarter, Fancy, Technology Tell, Digital Trends and PC mag

    PC Magazine Declares Slip Stopper #1 in Best iPhone 5 Cases of 2013
    Slip Stopper iPhone 5 Gel Case Beats Over 30 Competitors to be #1 in's Best iPhone 5 Cases of 2013.

    Flossy Carter

    If you have any review about the product, feel free to send me a PM anytime!

    Cheers!! Thank you for all your support!


    [Q] - What does the surface of the Slip Stopper feel like? Is it sticky? Will it be hard to take out of my pocket?
    The surface of the Slip Stopper is actually smooth to the touch, and does not feel sticky at all. You'll have no problem putting it in or taking it out of your pocket. However, the specially treated gel resin adds grip when you hold it in your hand, and has fantastic anti-slip properties against table tops. This is where the magic of science comes in, so check out the video below for a quick demo:

    [Q] - Can I use a screen protector with Slip Stopper?
    Under most circumstances, you do not need a screen protector with Slip Stopper. Our product was designed to raise the edge of your iPhone slightly, so you can put your iPhone face-down without worrying about scratching the screen. However, if you know you're going to be throwing your iPhone into a bag with keys, it may be a good idea to have some protection on the screen. We have a custom-made screen protector that fits with the front pieces of the Slip Stopper.

    [Q] - Will applying the Slip Stopper leave any residue on my iPhone? What kind of adhesive is used?
    The back of the Slip Stopper uses patented 3M adhesive technology, which means it leaves absolutely NO residue on your iPhone. You can also reuse and reapply it as many times as you want.

    [Q] - Do Apple bumper-type cases fit on top of the Slip Stopper?
    Yes. Under normal usage, a bumper-type case is not necessary. However, if you are going to the gym with your device and would like some extra protection, Slip Stopper is compatible with bumper cases.

    [Q] – I notice that the cutout on the back expose my apple logo, will it scratch the logo when it is on a flat surface?
    The cutout on the back for the Apple logo is heavily recessed so you needn’t worry about something scratching the logo.

    [Q] – Will dust get stuck on the Slip Stopper making it difficult to remove?
    The Slip Stopper is dustproof and easy to maintain even if you store it in your home for a while.

    [Q] – I may have some questions or feedback after I get the Slip Stopper, who do I contact?
    I would still be providing after sales service to answer your enquiries if you have any via PM.
    Feedback or product review would always be welcome.

    Click HERE to place your order now

    Slip Stopper are ordered from Best Skin for iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPad Mini, Apple | Slip Stopper
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    Slip Stopper

    Slip Stopper for your iPad mini
    Get yours for S$29

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