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    IMPORTANT: Please use the following guidelines when posting your sales!

    Following the current fragmentation in post formats for the current sales threads, I hope everyone can follow the example format below when posting their threads to reduce clutter and confusion for all threads. You may duplicate the example multiple times in a post to sell multiple items.

    In addition, I hope everyone can edit their thread (edit the first post and click on advanced options) and change the title prefix to "[CLOSED]" after completing their sales. Also, if you are bumping your thread, please delete the previous post used for bumping (edit said post, click on advanced options, delete option is at the bottom)

    <1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc> Item: <Item name>
    Condition: <new, used, BNIB, slightly used, etc>
    Price: <$xxx, bundle with item x for $xxx> -OR- Trade for: <2 HDDs, Intel i7, etc>
    Additional prices: <Shipping/delivery $xx, installation $xx, etc>
    Deal preference: <COD, meetup location, priority for East side buyers, pickup only, etc>
    Specifications: <2TB, 1GHz, 10MP, etc>
    Warranty: <1 year, no warranty, personal warranty 1 week, etc>
    Contact: <HP: xxxxxxxx, PM, email [email protected], etc>
    Freebies: <Buy 2 get 1 free, free battery pack, etc>
    Others: <Other info>
    Pictures: <Images>
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    thanks alot for info

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    To bump this thread, if you received any harassment from any user on persistent low-balling or pm harassment, do not hesitate to seek the admin/mod team for help. Alternatively, you can proceed to report the post to us.

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    can i directly receive payment from members who want to buy my product?
    Check Lazada

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