Does your wife/in-law/pet complain about the noise/heat from the mining rig in your house?
Do you have problems running a stable rig?
Are you running out of space or power in your home?

Let us solve this for you.

From as little as $1 per day we will host your mining rig in a professional rig hosting location in Singapore. Purpose built facility for mining rigs complete with unmetered internet bandwidth, trained security personnel manning and optional services for other colocation needs available. We accept diy rigs, asic based rigs and servers.

* 24hr manned facility + security camera backup, accessible by our clients. No rodent gonna escape the watchful eyes of all our clients. Maximum security, minimal inconvenience. See your rig mining for you live as if its just in your store room or bomb shelter.
* 24hr smoke detection system + backup fire protection by trained security personnel. Minimal damage even in an event your neighbouring rig suffers a total loss. Insurance cover available.
* very high power allocation per box. Up to 2x2kva which supports 12gpu setups easily with spare headroom. Mine up to two coins simultaneously or to your hearts content. Higher power allocation available upon request.
* 2mbps unmetered internet bandwidth allocation per box. Options of up to 20mbps and fixed ip available.
* optional airconditioning available. Great for OC mining.
* very little restriction on additional equipment installation. Bring your own UPS, wifi router, 4g modem, security appliance and even watercooling setup for your rig.
* do let us know if you want to use our space for budget colocation of your game server, offsite nas, accounts backups and other IT needs. Stop paying top end colo prices for bells and whistles or even red tape headache you do not need.

Contact me 82431120