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    Best Diet/Weight Loss Tips Ever (from real athletes)

    Hey guys/girls, check out these new articles out of Singapore MMA gym Evolve. Really great stuff. Basically they are diet and weight loss tips from their professional fighters (Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc.). Not any gimmicky, lose weight fast miracles, but real solid tips on how to lose weight effectively and safely. Performance based diet tips are great as well.

    For example, here is one from their Effective Diet Tips article:

    "No Starchy Carbohydrates For Dinner. For your last meal of the day eliminate starchy carbohydrates. No rice, pasta, noodles, or bread. Focus on lean, low fat protein sources like chicken and fish with green vegetables. You will lose weight on the first day!" - Mitch Chilson
    ONE FC MMA Fighter

    Rest of the article is here:

    Top Weight Loss Tips From World Champions - Evolve MMA

    Another great one with awesome tips on weight loss here:

    Effective Diet Tips For Weight Loss From World Champions - Evolve MMA

    I got a lot of great information from these articles, some of the stuff is quite intuitive, but still very useful to hear.

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    Interesting fact

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    Hey really its helpful. But I want to know about those cellulite and itching on our body which occurs due to loose tissues. I had searched about it and I came to know that by reducing the weight this will automatically be reduced. Is that so guys? Will this be effective by fitness or weight loss?
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    Maintaining the body weight for a long time is a real challenge for the people from any field. It can be done by balancing your diet, doing exercise on daily basis, and playing a game at regularity. You do not need to worry about your fitness if you are a part-time sportsmen. Soccer is a good practice for body fitness!

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    It won't matter if you work out for an hour and wash it down with a cold one. You need to take control of your diet. You also need to take minerals and vitamins if you want a body like an athlethe. You need to eat a lot of lean meat and watch out for your carbohydrates.

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