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    I think exercise along with dieting is a key to lose the weight quickly. I lost 3 kg weight in a month by controlling my diet and running 3 km every morning. I also did cycling in the evening which helped me a lot for losing weight very efficiently. Will you try these three things?

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    The best way to lose weight is to change your sedentary lifestyle. You need to move a lot. Don't think about eating junk food and drinking soft drinks. Incorporate some cardio exercises in your life. Walking is the best option. Drink a lot of water and eat natural organic food.

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    The best way to lose weight is to watch what you are eating. There is no point in working out for an hour and washing it all oout by drink a glass of soft-drink. You need to watch your diet and eat a lot of green vegetables. Drink green tea on a empty stomach and see the results.

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    The best tip for losing weight for beginners is to try to live an active lifestyle. There are small steps that matter most. Try to walk as much as you can. Park your car away from the office entrance. Don't use lift or escalaters. Discard any use of soft drinks. Eat fresh and sleep on time.

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    The best advise for weight-loss beginners is to change your lifestyle. You need to be more active and remove all the laziness. The best exercise is running. You need to incorporate cardio in order to lose weight fast. You should join a good gym and take help from a trainer if you can.

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    I have read your post and it is one of the best post ever. The world is suffering from serious obesity issue. The people are not focusing on their health. We need to promote health and fitness especially in the youngsters. Otherwise, they will become victims of serious diseases.

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