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    Lightbulb All recommendation of sports earphones users can contribute

    Anyone with experience in sports earphones can chip in.

    What are type of sports you using it for? Swimming, inline skates, running..

    Sound quality, fitting, price, where you purchased it?

    Photos if any will be helpful.
    GRADO GS-1000

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    Aftershokz Bone conductor bluetooth earphones

    Nothing in the ears, perfect for inline skates, biking or running without sacrificing on safety aspects since you still hear environmental sound.

    Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

    Not for bass heads or those who like their music blasting loud in the ears.
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    Plantronics BackbeatGo3

    Music should set you free, not tie you down. Escape the tug of corded earbuds and skip tracks, adjust volume, and activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana without touching your phone. You can even take a call and return to your music in seconds.

    6.5 hours of playback time
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    Swee Swee sports earphones

    B&O Beoplay H5
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    Mee Audio M7P

    MEE Audio M7P

    Secure-Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones
    with Detachable Cables and Mic, Remote, and Universal Volume
    Advanced sports earphones engineered for runners and gym-goers
    Secure over-the-ear fit with flexible earhooks never falls out
    Pivoting nozzles and patented ergonomic earpiece design provide all-day comfort
    Clear, dynamic sound with crisp treble and deep, enhanced bass
    Liquipel Watersafe™ nano-coating technology provides protection from sweat and the elements
    Detachable, user-replaceable cables for added longevity
    Built-in microphone, remote, and universal volume control for headset functionality
    Includes protective carrying case, shirt clip, and 4 sets of eartips
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    Another wireless Bluetooth from JBL

    JBL® Everest™ Elite 100 is legendary sound in an on-the-go design. Bluetooth 4.1 technology enables wireless connectivity, JBL Pro Audio Sound delivers a dynamic listening experience, and ergonomic earpieces allow for unprecedented fit, and comfort in your ears. A rechargeable battery offers 8 hours of performance, and its built in microphone with echo cancellation technology provides more natural sounding voice calls. Enjoy ultimate sound – unbound.

    Something not too high priced with great value!
    JBL Everest 100
    GRADO GS-1000

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    Tested the JBL Under Armour series. Earphones felt strong and durable comparing to the Plantronics Backbeat Go2 ( 3 times cheaper though )

    I was expecting the JBL Under Armour to have fitting issues since the earbuds seem big and bulky but it stays and fits well, very comfortable. For those who would like the extra bass when they are pumping their adrenaline, you will like this super bass earphone. It's long battery life ( 8 hours ) will allow you to survive through your longest marathon, not the Ultras one though.

    Sweat-proof as usual with common sports series earphones allows sweat or light rain. I will just wipe it with a damp cloth after every run. The flanges can be removed and wash but remember to dry it completely before fitting it back.

    JBL Under Armour
    GRADO GS-1000

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    Another bluetooth wireless sports earphone for bass heads. In fact, the bass was too over-whelming for my preference but if you like A LOT of bass.... You will like this earphones. Definitely will pump up your adrenaline and wake you up!

    The Skullcandy XTfree is light weight, water resistant but I do have same issues getting a good fit ... but of course, could be just me. It will always be good to test out the earphones to ensure you have a great fit before your purchase.

    Battery life is ordinary at 6 hours but should satisfy most people. The white looks fabulous for ladies...

    Skullcandy Xtfree

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    A new release from Jaybird that reach our local stores.

    If you are sick of the big, bulky and heavy earbuds, the Jaybird Freedom, will be your favourite wireless earphones. As claimed by Jaybird that the Freedom combines sophisticated style, incredible sound and increased comfort in the smallest, most advanced wireless earbuds ever designed, rivaling anything in the wired world.

    The earphones does look impressively small and light. It should fit most ears easily without the extra weight.

    I do feel the control buttons slightly a bit heavier though.

    The battery life is 4 hours and can be extended by another 4 hours with a supplied compact mini charger. 4 hours battery life should be decent enough for most users. Accessories supplied are multiple sizes of ear buds, fins, foams , carry pouch, charging cable and external battery.

    You still get the impressive sound performance for your Jaybird as usual with an extra Jaybird Mysound app that enable you to preset the EQ of your preference into your Freedom.

    GRADO GS-1000

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