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    How To Get a Thick Neck

    Some exercises to do

    Wrestler bridges
    neck curls
    reverse neck curls

    This will develop a strong ass neck which is beneficial for sports such as Football/Wrestling/Boxing/MMA. I found that the neck grows disproportionatly faster than other muscles so you will see results pretty quickly 2 months or so.

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    A lot of my friends do sports and dwell on this issue. But as far as I know, a standard set of exercises doesn't suits everyone. It's better to have your personal trainer, at least for a couple of exercises, and he will tell you what suits your body type.

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    It's a fun excercise, but in my opinion it's too specific and will suit boxers better to absorb punches well. Ordinary people don't really need this excercise.

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    I think dumb-bell and plate shrugs are the best way to attain a thick neck. You need to be careful when doing these exercises. The best muscle body is a balanced body. There are a lot of online forums where you can see these exercises.

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    To get a thick neck, you need to target your shoulder muscles. There are plenty of shoulder exercises. The best one is the shoulder shrugs. You can do it with weight plates and also with dumbells. Take a load that you can hold without discomfort and shrug your shoulders and keep it for 10-15 seconds. Repeat this for 8-12 reps.

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    If you want a thick neck, then you need to target your shoulder region. The best exercise for them is shrugs. You can use both dumbells and plates. Instead of targetting a thick neck, you should go for a symetrical body. Incorporate all type of exercises in your workout plan. What do you think?

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    To get a thick neck, you need to target the shoulder muscles. The best shoulder exercises are shrugs. You can do it with free-weight and with plates. Instead of going for a thick neck , you should target the entire body equally. A good symetrical body is the best body.

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    Mike Tyson was one of the baddest dudes on the planet. He was knocking people out just because of wearing the wrong shirt. If you want to have a thick neck, then shrugs are the best exercise for you. The best body is that which is symetrical. So, focus on every body part.

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    You can do this exercise without equipment, or you can use a four-way neck machine.Stand up tall with a straight spine.Slowly bend your head downward.Try to bring your chin in to touch your chest.Keep your mouth closed.Return to the starting position.

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