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    Best is HIIT training
    HIIT - high intensive interval training..
    probably sweat a lot more than ur 2.4km but much effective and long lasting..

    i did it for 6mths and gain my abs. haha. better than any pills or expensive slimming stuff leh

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    have you guys tried Freelethics? this is a very intense short program where you do 2-3x per week.
    it is working well for me
    of cos you have to watch what you eat

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    yeah must watch what you eat. cut away most of your more vegetables for the fibre that makes you feel full and less craving for food.(I eat quinoa to get full too. here are some quinoa recipes and chia seeds recipes losing weight = 90% diet, 10% exercising
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    u can download some apps to count ur calories and do meal preps for healthier meals!!

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    Eat right and more exercise.

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    Diet is the most important thing. For me, diet is not about starving your self but rather making the right food choices. You can start by checking your recommended daily caloric intake on the internet. After that compute your caloric needs in a day.

    Make your diet plan- eat every 3 hours but take note of your food choices.

    Good luck!

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    Losing weight requires a lot of dedication and discipline. You can't expect to lose all the fat in a matter of days. You need to eat fresh natural food within a limit. Boycott all the fried food and all the soft-drinks. You also need to join a gym and change your lifestyle.

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    The best way to lose ecercise is to do cardio. Cardio will help you lose weight quickly if you are determined and consistent in your approach. The best cardio exercises are running, jogging, swimming, etc. Just give them a try and please look over your diet.

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