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    cyclemax at bukit batok interchange there =) why do you asked?
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    I am from India.I found your tips very helpful.Thanks for your nice tips.

    Corporate Fitness Fitness

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    Hi,I just wanna get a normal bicycle,not for competition..juz for leisure. how much do you think a bicyvle will cost? prefer if its foldable,but not those i saw online ...foldable,but not nice and the wheels so auntie gg market like dat...i dun want...haha

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    cookie, it depends on what types of bike locations you have around you.

    A friend of mine recommends you visit this site to get started.

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    i'll recommend to go buy Fixie bike. Super simple bike and fun to cruise the city.

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    Any recommendations for road bike shoes? My last was a Diadora but lasted me less than 6 months and the strap and buckle started to give way. It wasn't an expensive model though.

    Any better for value for recommendations? Shimano or Sidi, model will help.

    GRADO GS-1000

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    Bicycling is the best way to improve your stamina no matter what game you plays. It is the best exercise for the muscles as it. You need to maintain the bicycle before having a ride as well in order to stay away from any kind of injury. Would you people agree?

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    I can't see any point in cycling in a gym. I like indoor tracks, but as for cycling, we can do it on a real bike at weekends. In a gym cycling can be replaced with knee bending or leg pressing.

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    I think bicycling has huge advantages apart from sports. Every person need to do bicycling in order to stay fit as your whole body involves during riding a biscycle. Moreover, you enjoy the riding experience as well. I love to ride my bicycle on the riverside in the evening. Thanks!

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    Bicycle is one of the best sports invention of all. A person feels free from all the tension when he is cycling. A few bicycling techniques include keeping your spinal cord straight when peddling. Wearing helmet whether you are strolling in the park. Always keep water with you.

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    Cycling is one of the best outdoor activities present. There are few minor techniques which can enhance your cycling abilities. Keep your spine straight while cycling. Repeat your maximum effort randomly to up the cardio.

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