Just read about this review. It is a review about a HFS+ format portable hard drive for macSource:*https://tavesper.tech/2018/12/transc...or-mac-review/Is there a difference between HDD for Mac or for Window?Transcend StoreJet 200 for Mac Review: The One to Go for*Ever since the announcement of the revamped MacBook with the Touchbar where they courageously removed so many things to just make things a lot more complicated and even right now, finding a proper USB-C based product is pretty niche. Finding a proper USB-C Storage is even more challenging. Well, Transcend is no stranger to products like these and in fact, they have a USB C Based storage – the Transcend StoreJet 200 for Mac with comes with a USB C port. Is it worth picking up at the nearest store or online? Find out in our Transcend StoreJet 200 for Mac Review.Design and Build QualityLet’s face it, the Cupertino company has really good design and looks in general and Transcend has matched their StoreJet to blend in with Mac users. It has this minimalist design all around with a chamfered sides that looks premium. It isn’t too striking and it has a silver tone finish that gives it a rich look. Transcend claims that their StoreJet 200 Portable Hard Drive makes quite the fashion statement and honestly, I couldn’t agree more.As for the build quality, the whole Transcend StoreJet 200 is constructed in Aluminium alloy casing which gives it a durable finish. In fact, it feels polished. As for the bottom, it has a plastic case covering it. The whole external hard drive is sleek, small and slender which is easier to slip into your bag and take it out when you want it with no issue.FeaturesUnlike other conventional external Hard Drives, the Transcend StoreJet 200 is a special one as it uses a USB-C Interface instead. It uses a USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 respectively. Since it’s marketed towards Mac Users to be specific, it comes with a USB C to C cable inside the box. But the kind folks are generous enough to include a Full Size USB 3.0 to a Type C cable inside the box for added convenience.Other than that, the StoreJet 200 gets the same treatment as the other Transcend Hard drive. It comes with Transcend Elite Data Management and RecoverX application pre-loaded in the hard drive. You’ll have to install of course and what these application offers is that it gives you the option to recover lost data if you happen to lose it in your hard drive.Finally, to make Mac users life easier, the StoreJet 200 is actually pre-formatted to HFS+. HFS is Apple’s proprietary storage file system that only can be used on Apple devices and it’s not possible to use on Windows machines unless if you were to format to exFAT or NTFS on Mac.Storage and PerformanceThe best part about the StoreJet 200 for Mac is the fact that it only comes in one configuration and that’s a 2TB HDD. With the help of CrystalDiskInfo, we were able to find some information on what Hard Drive it uses under the enclosure. Transcend has opted in for a Western Digital WD20SPZX-22CRAT0 2.5” HDD with a capacity of 2TB. It has a RPM of 5400. While it may not be the fastest we have seen, for an external HDD it pretty much checks off the box.As for the performance, we did two tests – the usual CrystalDiskMark and a real-test where we move a huge file from the HDD over to our system and vice versa. According to CrystalDiskMark, the score is pretty much as expected. To give a clearer explanation, the hard drive uses a SATA 600 based connection. Transcend claimed that it has a Read Speed of 135 MB/s and a Write Speed of 135 MB/s respectively. With that said, the StoreJet manages to hit somewhere around that neighborhood with a sequential write speed of 127.3 MB/s and a sequential read speed of 108.2 MB/s which is pretty impressive.From PC to HDD*From HDD to PC*As for a real-life test, we transferred our folder with .flac files which is about 3.06GB from the Music Folder to the HDD. It took about 30 seconds to transfer completely and the speed was hovering around 93.2MB/s to 111 MB/s. We transferred the folder back onto another laptop – It took the same duration – 30 seconds but this time the speed was a lot more higher as it managed to have a stable graph and a speed above 100 MB/s respectively.ConclusionWhile it may perform just like any other Portable HDD, there are few reasons to pick this over. For one, the USB-C connectivity makes you bring fewer cables and make sure your work doesn’t get interrupted. Second is, the storage configuration – 2TB is simply amazing, especially in such form factor. Finally, for Mac users – being able to use the HFS+ format straight out of the box with no issue is definitely amazing. Another good thing is that, you can use it as a Time Machine too!In conclusion, we recommend the Transcend StoreJet 200 for Mac. If you are a Windows user, you can still get this as long you have a machine where you can format and change the format of the HDD. But if you are looking for something faster, I’d suggest you look at their M.2 offering which is super compelling too.