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    [Mini Review] FSP Raider 550W 80+ Silver 2013 Edition

    FSP's updated and upgraded the Raider from 80PLUS Bronze to 80PLUS Silver.

    There's also upgrade in performance from the 80PLUS Bronze edition.

    We're going to put the unit through our SunMoon SM-5500 load tester.

    The most obvious change is the upgrade from 80PLUS bronze to 80PLUS Silver.

    This unit remains single rail with high +12v of 504w out of 550w available. That's a good 91.6% available on +12v. +3.3v and +5v are also a good 125w, higher than a lot of other PSUs. FSP's also put effort into a higher +5Vsb to support new motherboards that can charge USB during OFF states.

    Cables are fully sleeved now too instead of partial on the bronze version.
    We're working with FSP to get thicker sleeving on future batches. (Hopefully with no cost increase). The Raider 550w Silver comes with 2x 6+2PCIe connectors to power even the most demanding GPUs.

    Units in reviews get 85'C TW capacitors. We've upgraded the main capacitor in local units to Japanese 105'C caps to ensure better lifespan and performance.

    PSU hooked up to Sunmoon SM-5500.

    Performance at 20% load. At first looks, ripple on +5v seems a little high. We're investigating if its our equipment or due to new tuning. 12v starts off at +1.5%, 5v at +1%, 3.3v at +0.3%.

    At 50% load of 276w, ripples values have dropped. 12v is now within 1% while 5v and 3.3v are almost at nominal values.

    At full load, maximum ripple on 12v is just under 80mV, 2/3 of the maximum allowed value of 120mV. 3.3 and 5v ripple are also within ATX allowance. 12v is almost at nominal value, while 5v deviation is around 1.6%. 3.3v is within 2.5%.

    Tester gives this unit a pass as all values are within ATX specification. Tests also include PG timing and Hold up tests.

    FSP seems to have improved the electrical specifications on the 80PLUS Silver version of the RAIDER series. With extremely high efficiency levels of 89%-90.8%-87.8%, this unit exceeds makes the 80PLUS Gold requirements at local electrical conditions. Voltage regulation also seems to have improved over the previous iterations. Coupled with better quality capacitors and a 5 year warranty, this unit is a good choice for modern gaming systems.

    Thanks for reading!
    Tech Dynamic Pte Ltd
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    nice performance...still finding some time to bring my PSU to have it tested in the SunMoon

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    Using one of these in my SG-06.. Lovely as looking for decent and quiet.
    Awaiting with Monitor: Dell U2312H

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    Thanks for the positive feedback!
    Tech Dynamic Pte Ltd
    514 Chai Chee Lane #04-11
    Singapore 469 029
    6717 3000

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