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    can connect headphone to the speaker ?

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    yes there is a headphone connector at the bottom of the central amplifier unit

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    I just received my GT1000 and set it up immediately. It's actually a little disappointing. My reason for wanting to replace my Soundsticks II is that I couldn't hear the sub unless I stuck my ear right next to it. It has a knob for adjusting the sub volume, but even at all the way on high, it wasn't enough. I was hoping to get more bump from the Swan sub, but I couldn't tell much of a difference. Since the Swan has no knob to control the relative levels of the sub to the satellites, I stuck the sub on the desk (it barely fit) and moved the satellites as far away as possible. Now I have a decent mix. Hey, maybe I could have done that with my Soundsticks and avoided spending more money. For my TV/Receiver system downstairs, I have Boston Acoustics CR7 and a Polk PSW10 Sub that has it's own control knobs for both volume and frequency by-pass. I keep the volume on this about at the midpoint and it's plenty loud. Why can't I find a decent 2.1 set for my computer as good as what I have for the TV?

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