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    I'm usually early for my meets/deals, though I have been, on a couple of occasions, a tad late myself. And most of the guys I've arranged to deal with have been quite punctual themselves. It's a give and take situation, sometimes you might be a tad late, other times, the ones you're supposed to meet are late. As long as they, at the very least, message you informing you of the possibility of their being late, it's copacetic.
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    I agree with below. I wouldn't say Singaporeans. In fact, have you dealt with Malaysians before? Haha! I've waited on someone who was two hours late.

    Anyway, I think its the problem of the handphone generation. It's so easy to text that they are going to be late. Remember when we were younger and had to meet up with people without a mobile phone. Hook or crook, we will be on time of hugely apologetic.

    I wouldn't recommend being fashionably late. It's a matter of principle. I will always try to be on time, so I would expect the same amount of respect from others.

    If you are dealing with traders, I'd suggest confirming 60-90 mins ahead so you can plan. Rather than waiting somewhere for too long of a period.

    Quote Originally Posted by yukita View Post
    i dont agree on the "Singaporeans" on your title.... it can be happen anywhere by anyone...

    i dont mind people late as long:
    1. inform in advance
    2. not ridiculously late like > 30mis

    i think its important to maintain good communication before dealing, inform other party the ETA and if you going to be early or late. i did that although i dont expect everyone do that.

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    I mostly reach about 10 to 15 mins before the dealing time. Imho, more than 15 mins late is a little overdoing unless he inform earlier in advance. I think everyone time is important, therefore best to respect everyone time.

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    I always try to arrive to the meetings in advance, too, at least 10 min before they start, as I start feeling very uncomfortable if I know people are waiting for me. Personally, I don't like waiting for people who are late, too.

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    Punctuality plays a big role for a lot of people. Serious people, who seal million dollar contracts can simply turn around and leave, if someone arrives too late to the meeting and don't warn about it. This means, that if you're not able to manage your time to arrive to the meeting, you do this all the time.

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    I think there are good and bad people present everywhere. You need to adjust in the new location according to the mind set of the local community there. I would like to advise to maintain your schedule according by keeping that delay and unpuctuality in mind. Waiting for someone is a tough job!

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