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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonFire View Post
    jw339jw - Thanks for editing out the telephone numbers.

    Huehuehue was banned for a malicious post which had no bearing on the thread contents.

    A moderator is expected to be entirely impartial. If you think my actions are not consistent with impartiality, you are free to make a complaint, and seek another moderator to review this thread.

    Both of your arguments have their own merits. I'll going to leave this thread open for others to debate.


    Thanks again for DF's swift response.

    Quote Originally Posted by lukemax View Post
    thanks Dragonfire, appreciate your reply.

    I didn't msg you immediately when the thread was started, my bad. I msg-ed sabe, Coldfusion and Terence, sorry to have troubled them.

    situation resolved. noticed from the history of some threadstarters that they like to violate privacy contact details of others here and like to name and shame their supposed offenders, hence decided to PM the moderators, but thanks for the help!

    *btw, don't know who huehuehue is, can always run an IP address check, and furthermore, just a note, I had to reset my password after this thread was started so not sure what happened too.

    Its good to know who to pm in the forum. After reading many threads in the traders corner, youll be pretty familiar with the active mods running this section

    Quote Originally Posted by Milleniamania View Post
    IP addresses can also be masked by proxies, so no point tallying. Anyway, a clone created on December 2014 doesn't just pop out of nowhere on a fine day to defend somebody's cause for nothing. Just saying.


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    whatever man... am not so free to create clones. i got better things to do.

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    I agree with the approach from DragonFire. Impartiality is expected and good way to proceed in this and any other similar cases. Cases like this are not so easy to be judged so opinions from other moderators are welcomed.

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