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    [WTW] Beware of theapplelive

    Want to warn people about this guy theapplelive and his paypal threads from my gf's experience.

    He is extremely unresponsive and misleads buyers. She bought paypal from him and is very irritated with the low level of courtesy and professionalism.
    • Always put his info on thread that ask for 10USD, 15USD (WTB:10USD of paypal fund - VRForums - IT & Singapore Lifestyle Community), but don't state that he don't deal below 50USD when he deal with me. Waste people time. He deal with Komano can deal $10, i $15 cannot?!!
    • When want to collect $$$ he reply super fast, like even by email also within 1/2 hr also reply liao. Then after i transfer money, try all sorts of ways to contact him he also take so long to reply!
    • Leaves contact info with "contact number: for enquiry: 818985xx " but does not reply SMS at all! Four SMSes over a week were ignored. After I transfer $$$ to him and SMS him he ignores. Give you the suspicious feelings.
    • Why leave handphone number when theapplelive tells me he does not check handphone coz "got spam"?
    • Leaves email with "contact me at: [email protected] for deal" but does not reply emails. After I transfer $$$ to him and email him he ignores. Another reason for suspicious feelings.
    • He only bother to reply when I MSN him. When i confront him, he said he saw my email but didn't bother to reply??? HUH? Is it very difficult to type out a few words?
    • Does not tell buyers that need 24 hours for deal to complete! I needed money urgently (which I stated in my email to him) but he did not inform it.
    • He says "I informed you that it take 24 hours already" HUH? Wad talking you? You expect me to hunt around ur threads arh? Is you who contact me but never tell me it'll take so long to process when i say "URGENT"?
    • Got other ppl complain alot about him liao: ANYBODY succesffully buy paypal funds from "theapplelive"? - VRForums - IT & Singapore Lifestyle Community
    This is his original thread: VRForums - IT & Singapore Lifestyle Community
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    upzz for u...

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    That guy owed ppl a lot of money, heavy gambler la..

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    i oso kana con by him b4.. luckily manage to retrieve all funds..

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo5555 View Post
    i oso kana con by him b4.. luckily manage to retrieve all funds..
    if he has the desire to con, you wouldnt even be "lucky" to "retrieve" all your funds

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    How I wish I read this post before trading with him, just to warn everyone who even dare to try to trade with him, here are the warnings I would like to give :

    Trade with him ONLY if you are NOT in a hurry for funds, his rate may be low but he takes FOREVER and the contacts he gives only work when you have not paid.

    This is the current situation for me. I needed funds to pay my online seller and is in urgent need because my previous sellers already sold me all their funds and have none. So, I went to yahoo and search "paypal funds for sale" and arrived at this apple's guy thread on selling paypal.

    I smsed him and he replied me in less than an hour. I explained the situation to him and he told me that he will only be home at 10pm as he is outside. I told him that I will wait for him then and to let me know when he reached home. So there I was, waiting, then 10pm came and still no sms or call. I waited another 15mins - 30mins and finally smsed him as I had to sleep as I was working at 7am the next morning. He told me that he will be home late and stuff. Trusting him, I told him that I could transfer him first as I could not do online transaction and had to go down to the ATM.

    Then, he sms me his DBS savings account number and asked me to email him some details like my paypal account, type and other stuffs after I transferred and I sms him back and say ok. So after transfering $745 to him and sending him the email, I smsed him and told him that I done everything.

    He replied me at 23:19 with this sms : Be back now.

    As I was already sleeping, I smsed him and told him to just transfer the funds to me and that I will check the next day. When I wake up the next morning and check, I still did not receive anything and smsed him at around 6:30am. At 1:00pm when I have not received any reply, I smsed him again and waited till 2:30pm, when I feel that I could not wait anymore as I hate not being replied and I am in urgent need of the funds.

    I gave him a call and after ringing for a while, he rejected my call. After which I called and smsed him a few more times until I was feeling really furious. So I went online to check and decided to type his handphone number to search to see if he is a scammer or anything and I arrived at this forum.

    At 5.30pm or so, I dropped him an sms telling him that if he cannot send me the funds now, at least be polite enough to let me know when and that if I do not received the funds by tonight 11.52pm (since he knows how to tell people off about his policy of taking up to 24 hours to transfer, I will stick to that), I am sorry but I will be making a police report tomorrow morning if I do not receive my funds by tomorrow.

    I have all his smses and the bank transfer receipt, so if anyone feels that I am framing him or what, feel free to contact me at 8282 3421 and I can meet you up and show the smses to you.

    Anyway, hope I be the "last victim" because I am sure that all you buyers out there would not want to WAIT WITHOUT KNOWING WHEN YOU GET YOUR FUNDS.

    Its is 6:30pm now and I have not received any replies for him. After reading the reasons he gives on this thread for his service. I am sure that this will be the first and last time I am going to deal with him.

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    You saw his thread at VRZ? Or where?

    He may get the deal done, but not after pissing everybody off first.

    It's as though he's hoping you will **forget** or **give up** about it and then he can pocket $750
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    This is the website :


    I have still yet received anything from him till now ( no funds, no smses). I managed to find someone else who sell paypal funds and guess what? Though it was only a small $50 usd, I already got the funds?

    If he thinks I am kidding, we can go ahead and see. I am really very angry (I try not to speak vulgar) and if this is the kind of service he provides, I rather pay the extra to buy from others, which I have.

    Since he wants to play things like overseas and stuffs right, I play with him, no problem, 24 hours up, no funds = police report, then after that we will know whether he in singapore or overseas.

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    May i be so bold as to suggest you reply to that thread or create a Warning thread there also. He sure reply if someone criticize his thread.

    To be frank, delays can be expected sometimes, but not EVERY time and not biased delays (he always delay but we cannot delay?), and even if delays occur, accountability and communication is always most important (gosh this is sounding like a relationship! )
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    Yeah sure, if he gives me problems, then expect the same from me.

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    The problem is that I already tell him its URGENT and he still delay? Delay still ok but no reply? If he say he did not see my messages, I still keep quiet but he hang up on me? What is this?

    Hello, I am still the customer? When I want to buy and going to pay that time, my smses are always replied and stuff but after paid, my smses are what? junks? spams?

    I don't like this kind of attitude, though I just started working but if this is the kind of service he provide, seriously, don't let people know who is he/she in real life, it just reflects on the kind of worker he or she is.

    I believe many are working adults but it seems that none of us appear to be as BUSY as him. So BUSY until cannot reply smses and calls? So BUSY until spend 5 minutes transfer me the funds also cannot?

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    Finally, he was good enough to give me a call and give me an explaination. His reason was that he was in other country, think was malaysia and thus, did not look at his handphone and because he did not have access to a com / internet, he was unable to transfer.

    I do not want to say anything but since he apologise and told me that he would process that payment asap. I just say ok and thats the end of this issue.

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    I just bought 1k USD paypal from him 5 mins ago, send him the money and the funds goes into my account all within 15mins time. He is not as bad as some of you put him. He is pretty busy and is usually not around until late at night.

    His funds doesn't come from his account but from some other people so he need to co-ordinate the fund transfer etc. If you are buying significant amount of fund from him then its always done very fast. I have bought no less than 5 times, all 300-1000USD at a go, all done within 15 mins. If you want small amount of fund then better not deal with him, i see all the complaints are usually about small amount of funds. You guys can get from me if you want small amount of funds. Don't need to make things ugly.

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    Erm,you said all from different accounts? It could be Credit Card fraud for all you know and your money may get taken back if a complaint was lodged with Paypal cos buying PayPal fund is not recommend by PayPal too. Why don't you just get a older friend to do it for you?

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    i guess must take note of human nature sometimes *shrug*
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