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    Hi guys,

    Just wanna share this terrible experience I had with this vendor.

    I sent my name cards for printing on 21st Sep 15, Monday and was servde by a male filipino (not being racist here, I have very nice filipino friends, this is just for you guys to identify him if you've plans to print at this place, avoid this guy). He wasn't paying attention to what I'm saying most of the time and whisper to himself, he laughs a lot at his own sentences, not joke. While I was explaining to him the designs I need, He was playing with his phone and telling me that his sensor could not detect his finger print. I was requesting for gold folding for the front of my name card, and he told me I need to get 10 boxes minimum. (There are 2 designs in total, both 2 sided, gold folding on one side, black and white, 300gsm paper.) So after some nego, I managed to pull it off at 9.

    When we proceed to the cashier, I ask him for the price per box, he said $45/box and I asked him why so expensive? He told me the gold folding needs a dedicated stamping and blah blah blah, which makes a bit of sense so I paid a deposit for the 9 boxes at $45/box (I admit I had fault for not doing my homework, that's why I'm sharing for you guys to take note). He asked me when do I need the name cards and I told him friday, 25 Sept 15, He looked at the calendar and told me "No Problem"

    And so I left, when I got back, I went online to and do my homework, most shops range between $30 to $36 max for the same requirement, I even sent my design to 2 of the name card company to enquire on their pricing. So I decided to make a call back and pretend to be a new customer, this time round it was answered by a china woman, I gave her the details and she asked me to buy 10 boxes at $38/box. So I asked her why did her colleague quote me $45? She immediately replied "Oh different price ah? ok ok no problem we change the quote to $38/box instead." (this proves that they do not have a standard pricing for their product, which I was looking for the sign in the shop and I couldn't find one.) I told her I already make payment and she said she need to ask for filipino colleague and she passed the phone to him, he tried the same old explanation and I told him I would like to cancel my orders, he said it would be difficult and quickly pass the phone back to the china lady and told her to let me nego the price (their conversation can be heard while passing of phone). I told her the most expensive quote I gotten is only $36, and I would like to cancel my order, she replied me that it is not possible. I told her to let me speak to the boss and she replied she is willing to match with whatever price I gotten outside, as a good gesture, I told her I am willing to settle for $36/box and she agreed. She confirmed with me the collection date to be on 25 Sept 2015, Friday.

    Last friday 25 Sep 15 evening, I made a call to their shop and enquire regarding my name cards, a guy picked up and told me he will check first and call me back, but he never did.

    Yesterday, 28 Sep 15 morning, I made a call again to the shop and the same guy picked up, with the same reply that he will get back to me but eventually he did not.

    I called again in the afternoon and the china lady picked up, said the same thing about getting back to me but she did not AGAIN.

    This morning, 29 Sep 15, I call the shop again, asking for the status for my name card, the china lady picked up and pass the phone to the filipino, he picked up the phone said " hello ? hello? no body" and hung up! "

    Thus I called back and spoke quite loudly to the filipino and finally he told me that my name cards are still at the factory and the earliest time i can collect is 4pm.

    I've yet to collect the name cards, but I will update the follow up for their terrible services and super over charge pricing later.

    And I highly doubt they have printed my name cards, they must be printing now.

    TRUE COLOURS PRINT HOUSE @ sunshine plaza

    Guys, I wouldn't recommend this shop as their service is really bad.

    Just FYI, before I approached this shop, I went to another shop at the same building, I sent my name card for printing and when i was suppose to collect it 1 week later, It wasn't printed yet, but the boss and the staff were very polite and they apologies for their overlook and offered to print for me, thus I did not make any complain about them, keeping their company name secret.

    I wouldn't be typing this whole chunk of words IF THEIR SERVICE WERE AT LEAST REASONABLE
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    So you did your 'homework' AFTER you bought the product?

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    Is the other party a forum member here and was the deal done on VR-Zone? If not, this is the wrong place to rant.

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