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    Help: Can I made a police report for aeroplane and shameless seller: “dontstalkme”?

    Thread: Confirmedto deal with this guy for 1070 card. Postponed three times for dealing and in the end raised the price to $350 then cancelled the deal. Harassed and threatened me after I posted reply under the thread to alert other buyers. I felt that I could be in danger since obviously this guy did some research about my identity. Should I make police report? Admin can ban this shameless seller? Thanks.Chatting record:
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    firstly, u said 'liar'. did I in any way lie to you? I told u I'm withdrawing it from sale. secondly, 'cheater'. what did I cheat you of/about? please dont be childish. if you cant understand simple English words, take a lesson and learn it before typing around. If you are in danger because someone knows your name, then should everyone on the internet feel threatened?

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    judges from mods and other guys are welcomed.

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