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    Quote Originally Posted by booest
    Tour dah
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    oi doggie if meizu M8 out by then i pass u $$$ to get for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by medallion
    Tour dah

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberdog
    heheh maybe we can meet up for makan there dah
    thanks! will go look see...
    no problem ... juz give mi a call ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberdog
    BTW any of the hotel rooms come with bathtub? now i at home no bathtub liao sianz. maybe wanna go soak a bit and zzzzz every night heheheh

    anyone stayed at Hotel73 before? my fren just mentioned it:

    rooms at rainbow hotel have:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessyL|ng
    no problem ... juz give mi a call ...
    ah sms me again pls. lost phone. all contacts including VR ones

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    Transport in Taipei

    Hi Cyberdog, sorry for the late reply. Need to compile my data

    Transport from Airport to City
    From CKS to Taipei, there are coaches that bring you from the airport to Taipei train station. Taipei train station is in a central location in Taipei and from there you can take MRT, bus or taxi to any hotel. The fare is about NT160 to NT200 if i am not wrong. If you are taking taxi to taipei, the cost is about NT1300.

    Major cities have an abundance of taxis. Charges are NT$70 for the first 1.5km and NT$5 for each additional 300 meters. An additional NT$5 is charged for every two minutes of waiting, and a 20% surcharge is added to fares between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., NT$10 dollars tip needed for cab dispatched by phone and for luggage placed in taxi trunk. Charges may be raised during Chinese New Year holidays. Basically, taxi fares in all major cities are set by local city government itself and are in a minor discrepancy. Out-of-town or long-distance travels may not apply to meter charge; travelers are suggested to confirm charging method before getting on taxi.

    Easy card, you can pick it up at the nearest 7/11 NT500/--(refundable NTD100) Top up at the MRT Station NTD100s. (Refund amount and balance -get back on your last day) The Taipei card not so complicated as in Singapore where it does too many things. Just for MRT and City Bus (Not Guoguang Bus)

    There is also a one day unlimited usage card for tourist. But the easy card is still better and more convenient. The Easy card is good for the MRT and Bus. If you switch from the MRT to Bus or vice versa within an hour of Exit, you get an automatic discount.
    (Click on Passenger Service->Metro Guide. Click on Route Map on the left will give you a map of their mrt system. Clicking on individual station will open up a map of the area around the station. Good for using these maps to explore your way as most of mrt stations are situated next to their places of interest)


    Taipei Railway

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    Shopping in Taipei

    Zhong Xiao Dong Lu (忠孝东路)
    Zhong hsiao dong lu is the entire stretch like orchard road. Lots of high class shopping and departmental stores. Alot of independent labels too. It stretches from from 3 MRTs stops zhong hsiao dun hua to zhong hsiao fuxing. Fushing and Dunhwa is linked with an Underground Mall.

    Taipei Main Station
    The other underground malls are at the Taipei Main Station. The Front Station mall is shorter and the other is at the Rear, known as Taipei Metro Mall. This is long. Both are good places to pick up bargains - shoes at NT200/ Undies/Socks from NT30 up, Hats/Caps/Umbrellas/Tshirts from NT100/- Fung Hsui stuff (neat stuff to giveaway From NT10 ~NT50) When you get tired of walking, there are places there to eat or have a cuppa. 新光三越 also in Taipei Main Station.

    Hsinyi District
    Taipei 101 shopping centers: New York, New York, 新光三越 n Warner Village. High class shopping area.

    WuFenPu (五分埔) - HouShanPi MRT (wholesale clothes market)
    After Singkong Mitsukoshi in Xinyi, Cross the road to Warner Village Bus Stop and take Bus 611 or 284 to Wufenpu about 7 mins away. You don’t have to go to MRT (waste of time and a long walk). Wufenpu is good on weekends avoid going on a Monday. This is a wholesale shopping haven for the ladies.

    Guanghua Market
    IT Market. Baide Road (八德) - next to ZhongXiao XinSheng Station
    Old one tear down. New location. MRT Stop Zhongxiao Xinsheng > Exit 4 > Turn right, walk to second junction , turn left , walk 2 mins to new location.

    IMO, the NOVA building booest recommended is more like Funan IT mall to me. Guanghua Market is the SLS. It is an entire street. I din have the chance to go there.

    Miramar Entertainment Park (Ferris Wheel)
    Famous for the ferris wheel on top of a shoppng centre
    No. 20 JingYe 3rd Rd, Zhongshan dist. Taipei
    Take MRT to Jiantan station, and then take Miramar shuttle bus
    Or Take city Bus 167, it will get you there. NTD15 (NTD8 if transfer from MRT to bus)

    From there, take their free bus back to Jiantan, or from across the main road, Bus 247 or 287 back to Taipei Main Station.

    TianMu (天母)
    Zhongshan N Rd any section (Close to Flowers) and take bus: 220. to the end (Sec 7) Last Stop [2 sections cost you NTD30/-] Most shops open after 2 pm till about 9.30. If you are on the MRT, then you can take it to Shipai. Then walk out of Station, left side to traffic light, turn left to bus stop. Take Bus 224 to the end (Sec 7), last stop. You will see all the shops when you walk down Section 7 on the left side of the road. Lots of shops also on TianMu West Rd as well (Not Factory outlets) Junction of TianMu West Rd and TianMu N. Rd. Great place to eat local food, worth a visit. (You will see them frying the NiuRo Shien Pin, Chung Pin e.t.c.)

    Ximenting (XMT)
    More for youngsters and teenagers. Most happening during weekends where singers sign autographs and movie stars doing promotions etc.

    Raohe Night Market
    Just walk over from WuFenPu.

    Shilin Night market
    Take MRT to Jiantan Station. Follow the crowd.

    Huaxi Night Market
    You can do Huashi St NM as it is not far from Cheng DU and then head for Shihlin from the Longshan Temple MRT Stop.

    Taipei XiaoJuDan
    Sort of like our indoor stadium but bigger and with shopping and restaurant

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    Food to Try in Taipei

    · Jacky Wu's "Tang Sui" / Desert shop - Tang Chao @ ZhongXiao DunHao Station Exit 4

    · Ice Monster
    Taiwan offers great tasting high quality snow ice desserts:

    · Ding Tai Feng in Taiwan
    Main︰信義路二段194號 Tel: (886) 2721 1890
    Branch︰忠孝東路四段218號 Tel: (886) 2721 7890

    · Things to Try at Various Places of Interest
    1. Ah Zhong Mee Sua
    2. Ya Rou Bian
    3. Sun Bro Dessert
    4. Duck Tongue
    5. Pork chop and chicken drumstick rice at a underground store. It's at the basement of 'Wan Nian Da Sha'
    6. chong zua bing (like roti prata)
    7. da chang bao xiao chang - sausage with rice
    8. Beef Noodel: Exit 4 of Ximen MRT, Walk into Hengyang Rd. Keeping Right. First major street: Taoyuan St. Walk to the end on the Left side. You see the guys preparing the beef noodles outside. Try their Hong Sao Niu Ro Mien. These chaps have been here for about 25 years.
    9. Toilet Bowl Restaurant
    Taipei Metro, Hsinpu Station, Exit 1
    (02) 8253-7767



    10. 继光街香香鸡
    漢中街 127 号

    1. 阿给
    2. Tall Ice cream
    3. Ah Ma 铁蛋
    4. BBQ Squid

    1. XXL Chicken
    2. 大饼包小饼
    3. 泡泡冰 - Super fine ice-kacang
    4. 胡椒饼 - Raohe one better same brand one
    5. 官材板 ('coffin board') - (big piece of fried bread with fillings)
    6. 红油炒手 - looks like wanton but with spicy chili oil.
    7. Taiwanese Fried Oysters (Hao Jian)

    1. Seafood

    1. Tea
    2. Fishball
    - Mua Chee
    - 粉圆 (yam, sweet potato)

    1. Snake soup??
    2. Turtle soup

    1. Deep fried small crabs (refer to few pages earlier)
    2. Super smelly claypot 臭豆腐
    3. 胡椒饼.

    Shua Shua Guo

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    Hot Springs in Taipei

    Hot Springs in Taipei
    Beitou Hot Springs

    You come out of Xin beitou MRT station u will see KFC. On the right u will see McDonald. Walk along that stretch of road. There are a lot of hot spring resorts on the right side. The public one is on the left.

    - Tai Pin Yang Spa. There is a store just outside Xin Bei Tou Mrt Stn. The package for a private room is like 1099NT or 1199NT

    - Asakusa Hot Spring House: Tel:2891 3366
    Public and Private outdoor pools : NTD200 per hour.
    Suites with Cypress Tubs: 2 hrs - NTD680 or NTD780 depending on room size.
    Public pools in the Better resorts cost abot NTD600~NTD800 for 2~3 Hrs.

    - Spa Spring Resort: Tel: 2897 9060 Fax:2897 9065

    - Sweetme HotSpring Resort : Tel:2898 3838 Fax: 2898 4505

    - Tong Nan Hotel: Tel:2896 9797 Fax: 2896 2567

    - Ismeney Hallyard Resort: Tel: 2893 7779 Fax:2895 2279

    - If you walk around Beitou, there are many more.

    Recommend you book a private room, the price are quite reasonable but dun remember the amount. They have public pools but have to be naked for those.

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    ok, that's all i have for now. Hope it helps.

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    information overload

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