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    I forgot the hotel name leh! But i remember the hotel roof has a swimming pool, you can swimming in there and enjoy the whole view in Singapore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weixiang View Post
    Not in $$$ingapore...IMPOSSIBLE..
    Actually backpackers hotel quite cheap. A few months ago when my friend came over, he stay over at Betel Box - Betel Box Hostel (Singapore): See 65 Reviews and 11 Photos - TripAdvisor

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    most convenient place to stay, from Changi airport take a train and alight at Lavender Mrt station (about 30 mins ride).
    Up the escalator and walk straight to the V hotel in less than a minute.
    Foodcourt and food stalls, coffee shops nearby...ICA nearby...City and Orchard a short distance by train.
    V HOTEL : Lavender
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    You can consult this website: Singapore MRT Map
    This is my favorite website because is has also singapore map but also information about hotels and restaurants in Sing

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    Shangri-La ?

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    Sentosa and MBS

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    Could take a look at this site HOTELS AND PHOTOS ; they feature Shangri La, Carlton, Pickering, Fullerton amongst others.

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    think its best to stay in the town area where - city hall, orchard, somerset, dhoby. lotsa shopping, food n entertainment

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    Hi i thought this article might help in your travel in singapore. It has got all the numbers, attractions etc. In the pdf file there are also hotel suggestions to where to stay..

    Top Things to do in Singapore - Street Jury

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    V Hotel is definitely good value for my money.

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    what is the cheapest place to stay in Singapore? Is singapore provides homestay?

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    Homerenting would be good, unfortunately it's still not legal

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