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    Exclamation READ FIRST! Before posting your queries...

    I see people asking for help with minimum information given.

    This will just as usual create a ping pong session of members wanting to help asking questions and the stories goes on...

    1. Full system Specs..include CARDs, RAMS and PSU
    2. Age of your equipment.
    3. Usage
    4. For network issues: Network card brand and model for all equipment.. e.g. router, switch, cards, etc..
    5. For rig building queries: please state your budget/intended use.

    Also please give your threads titles as specific as possible-

    Correct: System restarting when playing games
    Correct: Help building budget gaming rig under S$1000

    Incorrect: Whats wrong with my system?
    Incorrect: Rig Advice
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    ******* A great suggestion to all folks posting your question here *******

    A good suggestion for all folks before posting their thread in Troubleshooting Zone/Technical enquiries, I have created a Hardware/Software Template which can be extremely useful to provide your software/hardware details and can be effectively solve it with a complete data from you, thereby reduce unnecessary speculation and guesswork.

    And here, I have listed out a Hardware/Software Templates:
    1) Please post a proper technical term and use better explanation.
    2) Use the below proper format to avoid redundant information where it can be answer at later time.
    3) Bold when necessary to highlight a functionality or related to GUI appear in your monitor.
    F8 or ESC or Alt+Clt+Del Key
    My Computer or C: Drive or System Properties window
    4) Write less is more.
    5) Finally, if it solve your problem, remember to say "Thank" or The problem have been solve with the solution from our forumers or other method.

    I have found the format is more than enough to describe your computer hardware problem.

    Type of hardware/software:
    (Desktop; Laptop; Server, etc)

    (As short and clear as possible and skip out unnecessary words like, I will be appreciate...or anyone can help me...)

    Expected results:
    (Mention what should be work)

    Before Problem Occurred:
    (List out if you did some modification to your hardare/software setting or whether)

    After Problem Occurred:
    (List out what you encounter in depth details)

    (Post your screen capture of your hardware/software, if possible)

    (List out your specifications - even if your siggy have it, you will still need to list them here for historical/archive purpose)


    For a sample:

    Type of hardware/software:

    I encountered Windows Vista 32-bit is unable to boot into the desktop after installed for the first time.

    Expected results:
    It should able to boot into Vista without any issue.

    Before Problem Occurred:
    All hardware setting and speed are tested on default speed, with enough harddisk available space of 10GB for Windows Vista installation.

    After Problem Occurred:
    My monitor remain blank after the bootscreen loading, progress bar have scrolled 10 times.


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    Hello ,
    when I played game my PC always restart. what can I do...