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    How to submit a Western Digital RMA

    This is for those who are not sure on how to do an RMA for Western Digital or want to know the process involved.

    Also, note that this is NOT A LOCAL SET, it was purchased from Amazon.

    I had a 3TB WD Red for my Synology NAS go bad and have just done an RMA.
    Apparently the only place in SG to do the RMA is in Jurong (Teleplan Service Solutions Asia BV, 10 Soon Lee Road, 2nd Floor, Jurong Town, Singapore 628074)

    I filled out the RMA online here (You will need to create an account with WD there for their 'WD Support Portal')

    At some point during registration or submission of RMA you will see an 'Out Of Region' message if your drive is not a local set, just ignore it and carry on.

    Once registered you register your drive (Serial number, date and why it's not working (I couldn't remember the date of purchase or have the reciept so entered a date in the last few months)
    They will show you if the drive is in warranty or not and how long is left.

    Then you can submit an RMA.

    You will then get an email confirmation with the RMA number. This is all you need if you are physically taking the drive to 10 Soon Lee Road, 2nd Floor, Jurong Town.
    It's important to know the RMA number if going all the way to Jurong!

    When I went there I was told that they send the drive to Penang! And, it will take 1-2 weeks to be returned / replaced

    From my experience it's not worth it to travel to Jurong (Unless you live there!) with the drive, you will still have to wait 1-2 weeks for a replacement, what I will do in future is get a SingPost Smartpac ($4.70 for delivery up to 3kg or $3.80 for delivery up to 1kg) and just post it to them.
    Smartpac can be seen/ordered here:

    REMEMBER to follow the instructions in the RMA if posting the drive! (Your Return Material Authorization number must be visible on 3 sides of the box ETC ETC)
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