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    Lightbulb What to do with old gaming pc

    Hi guys, pardon me if this is not the correct section for this topic. Im not sure where else to seek opinion on such matters.

    I have this old gaming desktop built in 2008. It has broken down since 2013 due to faulty PSU and hasn't been replaced and used yet. Now im tidying up stuffs and thinking I should try to let it go for some cash, but I dont know how to go about it as well as the market price for this old boy now?

    Rebuilding it with new parts would cost me another bomb, just want to seek any valuable opinion on how should I get this going, carousell/marketplace?

    Anyway below are the specs

    Intel Core I7-920
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Ex58-Extreme
    Ram: 3GB
    Graphics: Palit Radeon 4870
    HDD: 1 x 500GB & 1 x 750GB
    PSU: Gigabyte 720W(Spoilt)
    Asus DVD-RW drive
    USB 3 adaptor installed
    Thermalright ultra 120 extreme heatsink
    Antec 900 casing
    Samsung 23" SW2333 LCD Monitor

    Appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    Replace the PSU , get a better graphic card . invest on a better CPU cooler for overclocking .upgrade the ram . keep the monitor . unless you game at 4K get a new one .
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    If got no more use, can sell it at the forum's garage place.

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