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    How to optimise HDDs (for manual backup)

    Assume I have 2 physical copies of all data and I've been buying HDDs of various sizes (best $:GB at time of purchase)

    I thus have:
    250GB 250GB
    500GB 500GB
    750GB 750GB
    1TB 1TB

    In this example my 500GB drive is dying. (CRC error etc)

    What should my next HDD be and how do I maintain my data such that I have 2 physical copies of everything?

    It does not make sense to get another 500GB
    - bad $:GB
    - The secondary backup 500GB may die and I would need another 500Gb
    - I will never be rid of a 500GB forever.

    If I were to get a 2TB to backup my 500GB, the rest of the space will be wasted - because I have 1.5TB free, and I MUST have 2 physical copies of everything.

    In this case I get 2 X 2TB.
    1st 2TB backups 500GB. with 1.5TB for other things
    2nd 2TB backups the first 2TB (1.5TB cap, 500GB not used)

    I thus have:
    250GB 250GB
    500GB X
    750GB 750GB
    1TB 1TB
    2TB 2TB(500GB)

    Now, assume the 2 X 2TBs are in play and are almost at max capacity.

    In a few years one of my 1TB dies. I cannot use either of the 2 X 2TBs because they do not have 1TB of free space.

    What do I do now? Buy another 2 X 4TB?
    I will then have:
    250GB 250GB
    500GB X
    750GB 750GB
    1TB X
    2TB 2TB(500GB)
    4TB 4TB(1TB)

    Now, for the 2TB there will be 500GB that cannot be used because I do not have a second physical backup. With the two new 4TBs, it seems like the problem of 1TB wasted space would repeat yet again.

    Is there a solution to this?

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    I would suggest building 2 identical nas boxes and set the data to sync backup so that they match each other. 2 identical copies.
    Unraid and xpenology/synology allows you to use different size hard disks with one or more disk failure option. If one disk fails like in your case, then just buy one same or larger hard disk to replace with no data loss.

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    One of the most useful tweaks for traditional hard drive is to partition it into multiple volumes. Partitioning has many benefits, such as keeping your OS files separate from your other data (allowing for cleaner and safer installs with less risk to your other stored files), keeping your page file separate from your other fileS AND increased reliabilitY.

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