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    Managing Utilities

    I now work (management side) in an electronics shop and we sell various products from computers to car accessories. We are having issues in managing the utilities of our different branches, it is complex and time-consuming and because of that we are incurring utility late fees and missing opportunities for cost reduction. Since everything is migrating towards automation and interconnection we are currently looking for new innovations that can help is in managing our utilities. We welcome all sort of ideas/recommendations on how to centralize the management of our utilities. Would appreciate your help guys.

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    We have almost the same business as yours... electronic stuff. It's also out dilemma.

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    We wanted to have numerous options, so that it would be easy for us to perform cherry picking. However, currently, we are stuck with data management as our only hope and solution. Can I know what steps your company did to solve
    your utilities issues? Thanks

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