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    HIS HD5770 with 1Gb

    Hi, I have a HP Z400 with 16Gb ram running Win 7 pro. Recently my Dell 30in 3008 WFP monitor keep switching on and off the display. Thinking my Quadro card was faulty, I replaced it with a HIS HD5770 with 1Gb. Dell monitor was hooked up via DP. I also got a samsung 20in monitor hooked up via DVI to VGA adapter. For the past week, I had experienced the display switching back and forth from Dell to Samsung. Sometimes Dell will has the display for a few hours then will switch over to Samsung. This problem will usually happen in the morning but will stabilise in late afternoon. Driver for video card had been updated to latest. Any bro can suggest a solution?

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    Any bro has a possible solution?

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    Still waiting for a bro's expertise. Anyone?

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    Wah, over 700 views already and yet still no solution. Any suggestion appreciated.

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    Any bro can suggest a likely solution?

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    Update on issue. While trying to install a 2nd hdd and swopping the sata power connectors around, I noticed the secondary molex power connector on the GPU which was not in use. I had assume that this is to provide power for any new device I may be adding. On a whim, I connected this molex to the PSU and presto, my primary Dell 30in 3008 WFP monitor is now behaving normally. Thus I managed to solve my display problem.

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    (Solved) HELP! HIS HD5770 with 1Gb

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