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    Portable Projector with really "God Specs"

    Hi selling my brand new portable projector. Its the size of an ipad mini or rather smaller. Its in metallic White and blue color. It comes with 400 Ansi Lumens which allows u to play even during daytime or under light conditions, its perfect if u play it at night in dark environment. Its native resolution is 1200x800 and its able to play FULL HD videos and even 3D videos. Its 3D effects are amazing which is comparable to cinematic 3D. It has built in Wifi, bluetooth and android system of 4.XX, which means u basically dont have to download any movies and it can stream using the apps. Its ideal for office use as it can display documents.It has various ports such as LAN, USB, HDMI etc. So u basically can plug in ur PS3/PS4 system for use. It can display up to 300 inches. At 2M distance it can display almost 100 inch on the white wall. It comes with a remote control and an special active 3D glasses. Its built in speaker is powerful too. Its estimated to last 30000hrs. If u are a movie lover, this will be great for u as u basically dont even need to step into cinema while enjoying the great view at home in ur room. Moreover, its portable and light which means u can bring it anywhere and display to any surface. There are a lot more about this beast for u to explore. Selling it for $750. U wont regret getting it if u r a big screen lover, who needs a TV? this is all u need. Similar product is selling at over 1.5k in Sim Lim Square. feel free to contact me at 98271615 thanks.

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    feel free to contact me for details. 98271615

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    feel free to contact me for details. 98271615

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    feel free to contact me for details. 98271615

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    Home theatre is gonna be the next billion dollar market---Forbes

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