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    DIY Bundle Rig (All item are brand new)

    Selling DIY Bundle, Please PM me for your enquire

    You can contact me @ 81718578

    All parts are seal in box, we will provide FREE fixing and installation if require and return all the box to you, We will also provide FREE delivery

    All parts cover 7 days Door to Door warranty by my company
    Official receipt will be given and after 7 days is cover by respective local distributor

    Laptop & Desktop Repair

    We also provide service on Laptop & Desktop Repair, Contact me for more details.
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    $900 for system 1

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    kind of expensive...

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    Desktop build + laptop repair

    Pm'd you .

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    looking to buy $2000 system. tx

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    Bought an i5 system. Very friendly service.

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    I dropped a PM.

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    hello mind to pm me the bundles pricing

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    Thanks to awesome seller - reliable, quick to respond, patient and helpful. Takes time to verify components and also explain basics to buyer during delivery. Those interested in a DIY build but lazy to assemble or lacking expertise should really consider TS's services.

    Got an i5-4690k ITX from TS. All boxes and parts will be handed over. Build quality of system is very high and stable, with cable management properly done even for this ITX case with limited space. Prices are definitely reasonable.

    * note: wireless keyboard separately purchased fr. Challenger

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    Laptop repair what will be the min cost. I have a HP ProBook 4421s and most likely is the on-board graphic card faulty.
    Ever send to SLS and they all quote 100 over to replace the card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezensa View Post
    can pm me quote for DIY mini-itx pc?

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    18th Jan 2021 UpdateWent back to seller after a few years and service is still good, products still working well and excellent post-purchase care. Highly recommended!June 2017 PostHi everyone, would like to sincerely offer my thanks to the seller above.I provided my budget and requirements and was returned with a specification promptly. Seller was very patient despite the various request for expedition and eventually delivered too!The next few days there were some queries from me regarding the new system and I was merciless in asking for assistance and seller offered his service with a smile on his face. Professionalism. Highly recommended to try out his services if you're looking for a new system as I am elated with mine and hope to share such pleasant experience with you guys.Kudos!
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    The right Computer for every User!

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    The right Computer for every User!

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