MWTS if price is good

Intel i7 7700K w/ Corsair H100i AIO
Asus Sabertooth Z270 TUF Mark 1
Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Galatic Empire Edition
OCZ Revodrive 3x2 480GB PCIE SSD
Ripjaws V 32GB DDR4
Silverstone 800W Modular
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX w/ 4x 120mm fan and 3x 140mm fan (All Corsair HD RGB series)

PS: Do note that this PC does not have RGB as I too lazy to order necessary parts and build as I got a newborn baby to take care.

There are some parts under warranty, GPU is from US Nvidia directly. Take it all as no warranty. Can come to my house for stress test for all day if needed. Sell in full set, not interested in selling separate hardware ..